Therapist Cannot Unsign a Session

If sessions do not appear to be unsigned on the Unsign Attendance screen, investigate the two following scenarios -

  • Verify if the Attendance is currently signed through the Review and Sign Attendance screen
    •  To reach this screen, navigate to Attendance -> Digital Signature -> Review and Sign Attendance.

    • This screen displays all attendances that are currently unsigned.  
    • You may filter your results by School Year Session, as well as view them By Week, or By Enrollment
    • Additionally, the Audit tab displays Unsigned Attendances with errors.

  • Verify that the Attendances are not on a Voucher 
    • Attendances currently on a Voucher cannot be unsigned. The attendances must be removed from their voucher first before you can unsign them.
    • To determine if an attendance is currently on a voucher 
      • Navigate to Child Lookup – Lookup > Child Lookup
      • Search by the Electronic Service ID, or by another child identifier, then press the Search button
      • Select the appropriate child by pressing the blue Details link
      • On the Enrollments tab of the Child Details page, click Attendances on the appropriate Enrollment line
    • This page lists all recorded attendances related to that enrollment, including a Voucher# column. This column determines if an attendance on a Voucher
    • If the column is blank, the attendance is currently not on a voucher.

If you are still unable to unsign your attendance, please email CPSE Portal Support at for further assistance.